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Creating wall art showcasing the connection between you and your horse

Connection.. fun.. relaxed.. relationship..

You know that wall space you’ve got? You know, that big empty wall in the dining room where the Hockney print fell down? Annoying, isn’t it?

What better way to fill it than with a stunning image of your horses? And not just to hide the hole and the edge shadows.

You just know it’ll be a glorious conversation piece. But first, there’s a process to follow. Sorry. It goes like this.

 1) You book and pay a deposit.

 2) You then book a date and I send you tips on how to make the session memorable.

 3) You pay the balance seven days before the shoot.

 4) I show up, sniff around, and find (or make) great locations.

 5) You can change outfits. So can your horse. Swap if you like.

 6) I shoot in a wedding format. Not that I’m advocating marrying your horse. Although I won’t judge.
I just mean that I document your relationship with your horse. Sort of ‘day in the life’, reportage style. That’s on top of all the feeding, grooming, tacking and portrait shots. (Portrait shots are important. Ask your horse.)
I know if it were me booking a session, these are the kind of memories I’d cherish forever. And I know as a photographer, I can get really immersed in my subject and feel your relationship. Deep, eh?

7) We book a viewing date for two weeks later.

8) I go home, have a passion-fruit Martini, then edit furiously. Then have another Martini. 

9) We view images at my studio in London. You see a slideshow and then you choose the images you love most and how you want to display them. We high-five enthusiastically. 

10) Ten days later, you receive your wall art and album. You blub like a baby.

Absolutely fun and exciting photo shoot. Loved Emma’s work as soon as I'd seen it at Badminton Horse Trials, but didn’t feel comfortable with being included in a photo shoot, however, Emma made it fun, exciting, and so relaxed that we had so much fun. Loved every minute of it. Results are obviously fantastic, and even planning another one next year. Thank you Emma.


The connection between you and your horse is the most important part of a shoot with me.


Capturing this moment in time.  We all know how time passes quickly and the years slip by.  Make sure you pause and have this moment captured to treasure.


Every horse has their own amazing personality,  I love learning about every part of who they are and capturing this on camera.


To book just use the contact page to get in touch with me.

A 50% deposit is required in order to get your shoot on the calendar.  7 days prior to your shoot, the remaining balance is due.

Once I’ve finished taking all the images, I then spend time editing and perfecting them for you.  We will book in a viewing session (usually around 3 weeks after the shoot). 

This is the time we sit down together and go through all the images.  There are usually around 80 – 100 to look at.  We start with a slide show and then narrow down the images you love.  Included in the price is a 16″x12″ Alcove Wall Art (Framed or Acrylic). 

I aim to take different sets of images.  Some with a headcollar, some with a bridle and some without anything.  I come with a leather headcollar and lead rope so do not worry if you don’t have a nice one. 

Clean bridles would be great, we won’t be using the reins, just the lead chain I bring with me. 

That’s my job.  Please don’t worry, I can create amazing images from anything.  When I arrive I will look around the yard and pick out photographically interesting locations.  If you have a specific place in mind that’s great too.

Clean bridles would be great, we won’t be using the reins, just the lead chain I bring with me. 

It’s a strange thing asking a horse to pose and behave in such a contained way for this length of time.  I believe in giving the horses as much rest time as they need.  That may mean grazing or time out in the stable.  By keeping a relaxed approach I always manage to capture beautiful moments.

Clean bridles would be great, we won’t be using the reins, just the lead chain I bring with me. 

Don’t we all.  Ultimately I am focusing on the horse, and your relationship.  I will give you some tips and guide you.  We will also have a laugh, chat away and you will soon forget about the camera.  Just enjoy a couple of hours with your horse. 

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